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Solar Panel Nagpur

Solar energy incepts with the sun. Solar panel are also called photovoltaicís . The main purpose of these solar panels is to convert the light energy from the sun which mainly consists of energy particles known as photons into electrical energy which can be used to power electrical grids and thus giving us the power and energy which can be used for variety of purposes. Sun emits light which is a renewable source of energy and with the help of solar panels this renewable energy can be transformed into green electrical energy.

Solar panels which are used to transform light energy into electrical energy has various applications and can be used for variety of applications including remote power system, equipments etc and mainly for electrical energy which is used for commercial and residential purposes.

The main purpose of the solar panels is to absorb clean energy from the sunlight and then convert that light into electrical energy. Solar panel consists of various components such as solar cells which are made up of different layers of silicon, phosphorous and boron. Phosphorous is used to provide negative charge while as boron is used to provide positive charge. Solar panels produce electric current by absorbing the photons.

     Solar Panel Component :

Solar panel: Change sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity support structure-attaches the solar panel to roof of building.

Wiring: Wiring becomes a medium for the electricity to flow.

Inverter: The inverter is used to change DC current to AC current for residential and commercial use.

Meters: Meters are helpful in providing data readings for the electricity used.

     How Solar Panels Work:

Solar Panels: Light from the sun consists of particles called photons. As photons are absorbed by the solar panel, the photoelectric effect causes the flow of free electrons- electricity.

Amp Meter: There is a measure of instantaneous solar current output. Watch the current decreased as cloud cover comes over.

Grid Interactive Inverter: The Grid Interactive Inverter is the device where the direct current (DC) from the solar panel is transformed into 240 Volts alternating current (AC) at 50 hertz suitable for running household appliances.

Kilo-watt Hour Meter: The kilo-watt hour (Kwh) meter is cumulative measurement of solar electricity represented in Kwh. It is the total amount of electricity produced by the solar panel.

Main Switchboard: The main switchboard is the common link in the whole grid interactive solar system.

Electricity grid: When the solar panels are generating more electricity than electricity load, the excess power s exported to the electricity grid. The grid supplies electricity to the switchboard on a cloudy day or during the absence of sunlight when the solar panel are not generating electricity. Additionally the grid supplies electricity to the switchboard when consumption of electricity is greater than the amount of electricity the solar panels are producing.

Electricity Load: The electricity load is the electricity that appliances such as light computers and fridges are consuming .The electricity supplies to the appliances via the switchboard.

     Solar Panel Cleaning

Proper solar panel cleaning is an important step in acquiring most energy from your panels. In order for your system to run efficiently your panels should be clean routinely. Your panelís production depends on the intensity of sunlight that reaches your internal crystal. Dirty panel cell with debris can cut output power by 50% to 75%.

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